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Fun Evo PVPE 6 Years status.evolunia.net
Uptime: 99.79%
Port: 7171
Players: 360 / 2000
Launch    using Tibia Loader

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Last Update: May 22, 2024, 9:54 am

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Current Time: May 22, 2024, 9:54 am

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Points: 0
Monsters: ?
NPCs: 0
Uptime: 95.39%
Peak Record: 200 players online on January 5, 2022, 11:26 pm CET

In the last 30 days:
36 players online on May 6, 2024, 5:51 pm CET

Server: Elderan 1.0
Added: December 18, 2021, 1:58 pm CET
Last time online: May 22, 2024, 9:38 am CET
Updated: 7 min. ago

Server description


EXP: 1,5x
Magic Level: 1,0x
Skills: 2,0
Regen: 2.0
Loot: 1.0

Elderan Online is a OT project created by a small team of 3-4 people that have played Tibia since over 16 years. Our server is an old school version of Tibia with a couple changes and lovely made custom content. Our goal is it to give you the old feeling that made Tibia so great in the past and on top of this big content updates atleast twice a year. It's hard to say what version we really are because we took abit from every version. An example would be that roping and luring is possible but that doesn't automaticly means, that we left everything inside from this version. Elderan in a nutshell is a OT that took the best from every version. We are also strongly oriented on what the community wants and demands. So nothing is really carved in stone. But all in all you could say that we are server that is settled in 7.4-7.72.

Our official launch was on 10.12.2021 Friday. Since then we managed to grow every day. Current numbers are average of 150 players on the EU server and 50 on NA Server. Our main focus is RPG and Mystery Quest. The servers are both PvP worlds so normal Pvping or War Teams are welcome. Although we as Admins reserve the rights to act once we feel players are trying to purely destroying the server. A good example would be PK teams that only start to destroy the game for other players. We want to give players freedom but if we have the feeling they gross the line we would make use of the rule we created that you can find on the "Rule" Section on our official website www.elderan.online called "Destructive Behaviour". Similar to the times when real Tibia still had the rule of Destructive behaviour and Game Masters.

We are a slow paced server, which means we want to focus the server for long-term. We do not offer any crazy store product because we think this heavily collides with the way Tibia worked in the past. There are no runes in the in-game store, no items like Amulet of Loss or Blessings. Besides this runes can also not be bought from the NPC. We follow the traditional way of a rune market, that is controlled by the player base.

We got custom content, which is completely made from 0. This means every creature product, equipment piece or new monster is made completly from zero by a pixel spriter. Nothing is used from for example future Tibia versions. We did this because we think it feels weird to see modern items from newer Tibia versions in a oldschool server. But we also wanted to add more content, so we decided to invest into new sprites. Specially because we think that the old versions need content and it should not end after Anni Quest or Demon Hunts.

A big point in our server are mystery quests like the Serpentine Tower. Quest like this are working and are lore based. So it's not just "pull this lever and then this lever..." NPCs or books will tell you a story. With this knowledge you can make progress and connect dots. The Reward of this Quests will be legendary items, that can only be picked once.