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Season of Fire go.dura-online.com
Uptime: 98.76%
Port: 7171
Players: 84 / 2000
Launch    using Tibia Loader

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Last Update: July 23, 2024, 4:16 am

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Current Time: July 23, 2024, 4:16 am

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Players: 0 / 2000
Points: 141
Monsters: 29432
NPCs: 389
Uptime: 94.78%
Peak Record: 627 players online on November 29, 2023, 8:59 pm CET

In the last 30 days:
3 players online on July 2, 2024, 9:30 pm CET

Server: Imperianic 1.0
Owner: Nietzsche
Added: November 26, 2023, 8:22 pm CET
Updated: 3 min. ago

Server description


Launch Date: 26/11/2023
Website: Imperianic (https://www.imperianic.com)
Version: 7.72 downgraded to 7.4
Port: 7179
Host: Virginia (US)
Protection: ProGDN
Premium: Free


Daily Bosses
Daily Sieges
Custom Quests and Access
Respawns and Hunting Guide
Server Systems
Client Systems


The SOUL BOX rarity system works with 3 tiers.

Soul boxes are dropped by monsters. The monsters were divided into 3 tiers, weak monsters (tier 1 box), strong monsters (tier 2 box) and very strong monsters (tier 3 box).

For each tier box has a range of equipments:

a) Tier 1 boxes drops weak equipments and weapons;
b) Tier 2 boxes drops medium equipments and weapons;
c) Tier 3 drops strong equipments and weapons.

Each tier box is divided in 3 rarity:

a) Bronze box gives rare equipments and weapons;
b) Silver box gives epic equipments and weapons;
c) Golden box gives epic equipments and weapons.

For opening a box, you have to buy a key for the box rarity from A Sweaty Cyclops in Ab'Dendriel.

The price is:

a) Bronze master key, 10000 gold pieces;
b) Silver master key, 30000 gold pieces;
c) Golden master key, 80000 gold pieces.

To open a box, just use the key in the box that you want to open.

For each rarity you can have an extra number of attributes:

a) Rare, 1 extra attribute;
b) Epic, 1 to 2 extra attributes;
c) Legendary, 2 to 3 extra attributes.

The attributes from items are:

a) Physical protection;
b) Fire protection;
c) Earth protection;
d) Energy protection;
e) Maximum hitpoints;
f) Maximum manapoints;
g) More armor;
h) More speed;
i) More hitpoints regeneration;
j) More manapoints regeneration;
k) Axe skill;
l) Club skill;
m) Sword skill;
n) Distance skill;
o) Shielding skill;
p) Hitpoitns leech;
q) Manapoints leech;
r) Magic level %;
s) More attack;
t) More defense;
u) More hitchance.


Minium level Maximun level Multiplier
1 8 4.0x
9 40 2.0x
41 60 1.5x


Skills rate Magic rate Loot rate
4x 2x 2x

World type PVP
Frag Decrease Time No decrease time
Hotkey aimbot No
Protection level 1
Kills daily to red skull 4
Kills weekly to red skull 12
Kills monthly to red skull 35
Kills daily to banishment 7
Kills weekly to banishment 18
Kills monthly to banishment 40
Mana Regeneration 2 per tick

Imperianic client thread: Imperianic 7.4 OTclient (https://otland.net/threads/imperianic-7-4-otclient.271951/)
Classic old school client style
Smoth, dash and smart walking
Auto backpack reopener
Market System
INGAME hunt guide
INGAME store
INGAME items library
INGAME task system guide and helper
CAM system
CAST system
VOIP system
Android client



180+ custom hunts
Remaped areas with old school style
100% old cipsoft 7.72 map base



Private and unique speed formula where a single level makes difference on speed to get target lost
Automatic guild war system when you join a guild, all other guilds are enemies
No frags for guild/guild kills and PVP enforced system that gives EXP when killing enemies
Increased 5% experience for guilds with 5+ members online
Anti maker on wars that teleport newbies to temple and doesn't give frags to killers
AOE spells damage reduction while hitting more players
20% higher death loss for blessings than common
Boat fast travels with cooldown for avoid abusing
Boat travels with random SQM's to avoid traps
Real monsters behaviour, more agressive while ranged, running and no path finding
Spawn rate based on online players number
EXP sharing on party system with 10% bonus for each vocation
Increased physical damage for knights and paladins
ATK/DEF formulas based on real cipsoft 7.72 server
MF flask removing
Guilds works only with 5 minimum members
GFB and UE reduction is now 10% for each hitted player, on max 40% reduction
Yellow skull for whole guild if you attack a guildmember
Market system
Increased task system repetition times
New city with 50+ new respawns
Sieges now are rewarded by player
Battlefield event added to server
Impossibility to enter or add items in a house for 60 seconds after runemaking
Some nerfs on very high experience hunt spots
Knights now heals 15% more
Knights now needs less damage to get a task count
Battlefield event updated with infinite runes and spell block (invisible)
Battlefield event upgraded with enemy players name for find alive enemies
Added a delay of 300ms on mapclick to start walking, to avoid bugmap
Crystalized crossbow now deals energy damage per second to target
Daily bosses rare loots are increased to 50%
Python quest fixed
Increased HP and damage of sieges bosses
A new city was implemented, Eastern windgard, with around 50+ custom hunts spots and monsters
Nerf of 20% on all tasks experience reward
Increased AOE spells nerf while damaging many players
No more global messages on siege start
New task system formula for Druids and Knights while in party of 4 vocations
Nerf on some hunts of new city
Nerf on some monsters
Siege bosses strenght increased
Party experience rate nerfed, now 15 / 30 / 50%
Sieges now can be done within 4 to 6 players
If you interfer in a guild war (8 or more players with guild in screen) with magic wall you will get a yellow skull
Capture the Flag event added 2 times a day
Armageddon event added 2 times a day
Alana Sio spell cannot be used after runemaking
Horned Helmet (reward from Tiamat quest) now has speed bonus
Knights and Druids now can get task count with less damage
Anti MC now has 3 ways of verification to avoid mass farms. Only 3 connections per user will be allowed
Mirroed World hunt system added to 5 hunts

The Mirroed World system can be accessed through Mirror Portals that are located at the entrance of some hunts:
1) Darashia Heads of Death;
2) Eastern Windgard Nature Spirits;
3) Nevasta Frost Drakes;
4) Aztalan White Dragons;
5) Demona Warlocks.